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This past year has been an adventure. We are on our way to begin (again..long story..maybe for another time 😉 ) our life in rural Central Virginia. Over the past several months we have traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast, and are currently on our way back home. While it was definitely an experience seeing new (and old!) places- I think we are all ready to get back to our little homestead in Virginia. There will be a lot of work to do, but I think we are up for the challenge.

There are so many things that we miss (and some that I personally do NOT miss) about Virginia.

First, I’ll start with some of the things that we miss…


  1. The scenery. We have been so many places over the years, and while we do love the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and other parts of the country- Virginia really does have a little bit of everything (without the abundance of rain and gloom we experienced West of the Cascades). Living in the woods is so peaceful- and the views everywhere we turn are just breathtaking.

  2. The chickens. Oh how we miss having chickens! And the fresh eggs were a total bonus as well.

  3. Friendly neighbors. Ok, so we have been lucky in the past with friendly neighbors in most places we have lived, but it’s always nice having neighbors who bring over fresh goodies from their garden every once in a while. Definitely a plus.
  4. Trails. Oh the trails. It might be a little bit of a trek (we are pretty rural) to get there- but all the hiking and the biking..amazing.  The Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley right next really doesn’t get much better than that.
  5. The kids have the opportunity to BE kids. We might not have the super conveniences of city life, but the kids have room to explore, get dirty, and learn so many new things. Plus, wearing bathing suits and checking the mail with our water guns is *totally* normal.Tree climbing is a given. I mean..trees EVERYWHERE.
  6. Gardening. We are pretty new at growing our own fruits and veggies (other than random tomatoes and strawberries), so this will definitely be an interesting experience. We are in a good growing zone in Virginia, so I’m hoping we can start next year growing a good amount of our own fruits, veggies, herbs, etc. We’ll see how it goes! There are many excellent Farmer’s Markets and Farms/Pick Your Own around town as well, so that is pretty great.
  7. Wine. I thought the wine in Oregon was excellent, but I must say..Virginia can hold it’s own in the wine department. SO many amazing wineries literally down the road from where we live. And everywhere we go. I think we could hit a new winery every week and not hit the same one twice.

    Now…some of the thing I DON’T miss.

    1. Snakes. Oh the snakes. Everywhere. Thankfully there aren’t many venomous snakes in the area of Virginia we are in (there are some but thankfully so far we haven’t experienced an encounter with them!).
    My son ran over this guy with his bike on one of the trails we were on.
    Thankfully he was harmless and not hurt. We moved him off the trail.This guy here..I passed (closely) by him not once, but THREE times when I was in the barn when I noticed him curled up and giving me that creepy stare over in the corner. He was released on the outskirts of the property.These two are jut random snakes we moved out of the road and also found the little one in our yard.
    I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for more (inevitable) snake encounters. I’m not sure how long it will take me to get over my fear of snakes. That one guy stalking me in the barn made me want to go run and cry. Pathetic, I know.2.  The Bugs. There are definitely an abundant amount of bugs in Virginia. The mosquitoes in the summer can get a little crazy, and the ticks are no joke. Thankfully, having guineas helped a TON with the tick situation, so I’m looking forward to getting those amazing (and hilarious) creatures back on the farm again. They might not be the brightest or smartest animal, but they sure do help with bug control and they are SO fun to just sit on the porch and watch. Aren’t they the ugliest things?!

    Well…those are probably the only things that I can think of that I DON’T miss about Virginia. Not too bad of a long as I can work on not wanting to go hide under the covers everytime I see a snake, we might be all right. Time will tell.

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  1. Jessica

    My family used to have a farm (in Michigan), but they sold the land when I was younger to a development company. I don’t really remember much about the life or animals, minus a neighbouring bull. 🙂 Although there is no possible way I will be on a farm again, I would love to have a garden space, as growing my own food and veggies would be so much healthier and would save a lot of money. There are a lot of trails around me, however, so I do have that bonus. I think we all kind of miss and don’t miss the area that we spent so much time living in, but wherever we go from there always has the potential to open up new loves (as well as a few dislikes I guess too 😛 )


    18 . 03 . 2017
    • Thunder Ridge Acres

      Yes! Growing out or fruits and veggies will be amazing- I’m really hoping for the best (my husband is actually much better at gardening than I am, haha!).

      19 . 03 . 2017
  2. Jennifer Gilbert

    I’ve never been to Virginia, but it looks beautiful! I would love to hike along trails with views of the Blueride Mountains. I hate snakes, so that would be one thing I wouldn’t miss, either!!!

    18 . 03 . 2017
    • Thunder Ridge Acres

      It really is beautiful in central Virginia. The snakes…are is definitely a bit terrifying for those of us (ME!) with that fear of snakes!

      19 . 03 . 2017
  3. The happy trip

    if this will be the environment which I will be staying, i will surely be delighted. It’s close to nature and the vistas are really amazing. with the space available oen can readily do some gardening.

    19 . 03 . 2017
  4. Yonca

    I’ve never been to Virginia but i would love to. Hopely one day soon 🙂 When it comes to snakes..ehem!!

    19 . 03 . 2017
  5. delaine

    This place looks so ideal for your family. you all look so happy.

    19 . 03 . 2017
  6. Azlin Bloor

    Awesome, what amazing adventures must await you! Already, I can see you guys having so much fun, all that fresh air and fresh food!

    20 . 03 . 2017
  7. Emma

    VIRGINIA sounds so idyllic – the scenery is breathtaking. It must be amazing to have fresh eggs from your own chickens every morning. I love london but theer’s something so special about the countryside

    21 . 03 . 2017
  8. Angela milnes

    Fantastic place! This is really amazing. Nice view and environment. So cool! Super love it.

    23 . 03 . 2017

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